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Nebula Graph

Distributed Graph Database

Nebula Graph is a distributed, scalable, and lightning-fast graph database.It is the optimal solution in the world capable of hosting graphs with dozens of billions of vertices (nodes) and trillions of edges (relationships) with millisecond latency.

Nebula Graph Studio


Nebula Graph Studio is a Web-based visualization tool of the graph database. It can work together with Nebula Graph DBMS and provide one-stop services such as creating graph schemas, importing data, writing nGQL queries, exploring graph data, and so on.

Nebula Explorer

Visualized Graph Exploration Tool

Nebula Explorer is a visualized graph exploring tool. It works with Nebula Graph DBMS and provides interactive graph exploring.

Nebula Dashboard

Visualized Monitor Tool

Nebula Dashboard is a tool that assists the operation and maintenance personnel of Nebula Graph service in daily service monitoring and management. It can display the data of various performance metrics of machines and services within a specified time in a visualized way.



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