NebulaGraph Database takes another step to lead global graph database market with the release of v3.0.0

HANGZHOU, China – Feb 16, 2022 – NebulaGraph Database, the world’s most capable graph database, announced today the general availability of NebulaGraph Database v3.0.0. This latest release builds on the success of the previous version and is designed to support even larger graph data sets in a wider range of use cases.

NebulaGraph Database v3.0.0 extends this revolution in graph database technology with a host of new features and improvements, including improved performance, simplified management and monitoring, and significantly enhanced scalability.

NebulaGraph Database is an open-source graph database developed by Vesoft Inc. It is the world’s only large-scale graph database solution with a latency of milliseconds. Companies like Tencent, Meituan, JD Digits, and Kuaishou are already using NebulaGraph Database to boost their graph data processing capabilities.

“With NebulaGraph Database, we set out to create a graph database that can easily adapt to various use cases, with the ability to scale out on demand. Over the past year, we’ve continued to enhance NebulaGraph Database’s functionality and performance in response to customer needs. NebulaGraph Database v3.0.0 is the culmination of over a year’s worth of enhancement requests, feature suggestions, and bug fixes from our customers,” said NebulaGraph Database founder and Chief Executive Officer Sherman Ye.

What’s new

NebulaGraph Database gives developers and data scientists the ability to create rich and complex applications that can understand connections between people, places, things, and concepts in their data. NebulaGraph Database v3.0.0 makes it even easier to support a broader range of workloads, introduces enhanced backup and restore, better support for the openCypher query language, and more fine-grained user management.

Backup and restore is a feature that many NebulaGraph Database adopters have been waiting for a long time. The feature is extremely helpful if developers need to migrate data across clusters or create testing environments based on production data.

NebulaGraph Database v3.0.0 added support for multi query parts of openCypher, allowing developers and data scientists to process multiple subqueries by using the WITH clause in a single query.

NebulaGraph Database v3.0.0’s new standalone mode gives developers a complete graph database experience without using any cluster deployment tools such as Docker or Kubernetes. On a single machine, developers can deploy NebulaGraph Database without worrying about cluster management issues such as replica configuration and load balancing. Developers can also use the standalone mode to test out NebulaGraph Database without the hassle of expensive and complicated cluster management tools.

Get started with NebulaGraph Database v3.0.0 by visiting its Github repository here:


Some of the world’s leading tech companies including Tencent, Meituan, 360, and Kuaishou have already adopted NebulaGraph Database to enhance their graph database capabilities.

About Vesoft Inc.

Vesoft Inc. is the creator of NebulaGraph Database, the world’s most capable database for big data analytics discovery. NebulaGraph Database provides an industry-leading capability of storing and handling billions of vertices and trillions of edges, with just milliseconds of latency. Its shared-nothing deployment architecture removes any single point of failure and allows fast recoveries, enabling the industry’s best business continuity.

In December 2020, Vesoft secured $10 million Series Pre-A+ funding from investors led by Source Code Capital. Previous investors Matrix Partners China and Redpoint China Ventures also contributed to this round. For more information, please visit